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Companies in the US USA And across the world, they are taking additional steps to protect the older population most vulnerable to the new coronavirus.

His efforts were made when President Donald Trump urged all older Americans to stay home on Monday in a series of detailed guidelines.

General stores across the state announced plans to arrive within the first hour of each shopping day, beginning Tuesday with older shoppers.

Dollar General is very excited that the first hour of the day is devoted exclusively to the purchasing needs of older customers, who are one of the groups most affected by the crown virus COVID-19,” said one. Company press release. General wants these vulnerable customers to be able to buy the items they need and want at the beginning of each day to avoid busy shopping hours and more people.

Other clients should plan around this window. Business hours also close an hour early to protect employees and to clean and tidy shelves.

Although most stores in the United States have not established a specific time frame to help older people, a North Carolina woman has started shopping for her older neighbors.

“The idea came up when I called my grandfather the other day,” Becky Hoeffler told WNCN-TV. He said, ‘I’m going to the supermarket,’ and I was a little worried because he’s 91 years old and I thought, ‘Is there a reason why you should go to the supermarket?’ Market?

Hoeffler was concerned about his older neighbors and possibly infected with the virus, which infected more than 4,100 people in 49 states. She works from home, as many Americans now, and can run during her lunch break.

“I am very happy to get a piece of banana bread from my neighbor Patti, yes,” Hoeffler told the station. In any case, I think being able to help people and neighbors is one of the most American things.

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Australian supermarket chain Woolworths announced on Monday temporary measures in its stores to help older people get what they need in a less busy environment.

We are launching a special shopping hour in our stores to meet the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities in the community, the company said on Facebook. From tomorrow [March 17] until at least Friday, we will only open purchases for you from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., if this is allowed.

In Ireland, a subsidiary of a popular British supermarket chain, Iceland will also buy older people for an hour.

“In any case, the store is completely clean every morning, so the store (in the morning) is always the cleanest and cleanest,” said 37-year-old director Danny Burke, now Food. Older people can come in and not be intimidated by the large crowd and people running around trying to catch something.

Publix, Kroger, and Walmart announced plans to change its opening hours in the United States. Publix announced this weekend that it would close two hours early to give employees time to reload products and disinfect shelves.

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