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McDVOICE: Enhancing the curve on the face of children

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McDonald’s is not just about food, and if you have fond memories of opening your Happy Meal to see what toy you have, you are definitely not alone. Happy Meals debuted in 1979 (and cost $ 1) and has been a popular item ever since. So popular that The Motley Fool said it accounted for around 20% of sales in 2004 overall, making McDonald’s the world’s largest toy retailer. And it’s incredibly valuable: winning children’s hearts and not only attracting parents’ attention, but also having customers for life.

Happy meals also change over time. In 2014, The Atlantic reported that McDonald’s has become the UK’s largest bookstore, at least temporarily, as it promoted codes for e-books rather than toys. You can use your strength forever!

Here’s a fun fact: yes, some of these McDVOICE’s toys are worth a decent amount of money. According to Mental Floss, one of the first Keshi employees in the late 1970s and early 1980s, if you had McFurby’s toys in the late 1990s, one of Monsters, Inc.’s toys or complete sets of Minions toys or 101 Dalmatians, you can earn a little more money.

McDonald’s is huge and they are everywhere. But it’s really surprising: historically, they’re a far cry from the world’s largest fast-food chain.

First, a little caveat: It is difficult to give exact numbers because many websites are constantly open and closed. Let’s talk about 2017.

According to CNBC, McDVOICE was only the second-largest chain in the world in terms of physical locations. While they had 37,241 restaurants, they welcomed Subway and its 43,912 locations. With 27,339 stores, Starbucks was a surprisingly distant third.

But it is a bit misleading. Starbucks and McDonald’s were way ahead in terms of sales growth.

Objectives Of McDVOICE Survey

Some of the major objectives of conducting the mcdvoice at are as follows:

  1. Firstly, the McDVOICE Survey ensures that the customers are enabled to interact directly with the management team of the McDonald’s. Thus, they can assure themselves that their each and every opinion and feedback will be considered by the McDVOICE management team.
  2. McDVOICE Survey allows the McDonald’s management team to analyze their own services and the products served and thus make some necessary changes to the same.
  3. The is an extremely secure and the easiest portal for each and every customer of the McDonald’s to access and make sure that they place their honest feedback in the same.
  4. McDVOICE enhances the transparency between the customers of the McDonald’s and the management team.
  5. One of the primary focus behind introducing the survey portal is to enhance the customer satisfaction level on the premises of the McDonald’s.

At a glance, McDonald’s produces and sells groceries. This is how they make money, right? Not exactly, says Quartz.

The revenue of the McDVOICE

They found that a significant percentage of their income comes not from big pimps and chips, but from real estate. Part of your franchise strategy is to buy the property the restaurant is located in and then rent the package to the franchisee. About 85% of McDVOICE businesses are operated by franchisees. Plus, they generally rent major brand properties, which means McDonald’s median profit is $ 2.7 million a year, but the franchisee is only $ 154,000 a year. About 22% of the gross profit is rented, and the numbers are impressive.

In 2016, McDVOICE had approximately $ 30 billion in real estate with an annual profit of $ 4.5 billion. Talking about a brilliant business plan.

If you ever thought about running a McDonald’s franchise, this would be an option for you. Here are some shocking numbers that may surprise you, starting with the fact that Business Insider has reported that McDonald’s requires every $ 750,000 in cash before you look at it.

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